A year and a half later…

Holy moly! I can’t  believe that it has been a year and a half since I was here last! I must be the world’s worst blogger!

Ok, so to update you….Snow Angel is in preschool and is absolutely flourishing!! Tiny guy is still tiny, but catching up. We have had a few bumps in the road with him, he had pneumonia last August which kept us in he hospital overnight. He also has some delays that we are working on getting him caught up on.  I graduated last June as a Practical Nurse and successfully passed my boards in July. That  August I decided that we apparently weren’t already busy enough and started school again at a local community college to start working on my Associate’s  degree to become an RN.  Between school, a 2 year old and a 4 year old, life is pretty busy!

I hope all of you are doing well!! I will try to update more often, but can’t make any promises:/

Lots of love!

Where did summer go?!

This summer has FLOWN by!! Oh my goodness!

In just two short weeks, our summer is going to come to a screeching halt when I start school August 1. I am going back to school to become an LPN. I am very excited to begin this new chapter in our lives!!

We haven’t really done anything special this summer. Snow Angel is LOVING the sunshine, and doesn’t even mind playing in the rain! Tiny Guy (who is still tiny!) isn’t really liking all of the heat we are having. I just had him at the doctor this morning and he has an eye infection and cold. Better now than two weeks from now I guess!

It is awesome to be able to watch the kids grow, and boy do they grow fast! Tiny Guy is going to be ONE in just a month! I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone. Just a week ago he weighed 16.5 pounds, which is what Snow Angel weighed at 6 months! Healthy as a horse, just small🙂 He is so cute though. He will be walking before we know it.

Both kids are changing daily it seems, and you can easily miss the small changes if you aren’t paying attention. Just the other night I looked at DH and asked when Snow Angel quit calling pizza “dots-dits.” We have no idea where this came from, but now that it isn’t there anymore I kind of miss it. In the blink of an eye our babies are gone.

Everyone always tells you to cherish your babies because they will be grown before you know it, but the truth in this statement cannot fully be appreciated until your babies start growing. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital waiting for Snow Angel to arrive, and now she is two and a half with a little brother that is almost one! Time sure does fly!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful and safe summer so far. I have two little ones that are not so quietly reminding me that it is lunch time🙂

Have a wonderful day!!

Family Growth

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  It has been quite a while since I last posted, and I apologize for that.

My intentions when I started this blog were to post semi-regularly.  I find that it is much easier for me to only try to post when the Holy Spirit leads me to do so.  Its at those time that I am guessing one of you needs to hear what I have to say.  It seems to be working for me, so for now, we will just go with it.

A lot has been going on here lately.  Last Saturday marked Tiny Guy’s 6 month “birthday”.  Time sure does fly, especially when you aren’t getting much sleep🙂 But, it is the events of Sunday, that were more of an inspiration for me to post about.

This past Sunday, our family grew even more when we welcomed two more children into our hearts; we chose two children to sponsor from an orphanage in Migori, Kenya!!  Snow Angel and Tiny Guy have a new brother and sister!  We are so excited about this opportunity that God has given to us.

Our church has played an active roll in supporting the orphanage that these two little treasures are from.  A team of faithful servants from our congregation recently went to visit  this area.  Upon their return, hearing about all of these children was completely heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time.  It is a true eye opener to hear about how little they have in relation to the excess that most Americans have.  There were several children that needed sponsors, some more so than others.

The only requests we made when we agreed to sponsor two children was that we get one boy, one girl.  We trusted that God would give us the “right ones”.  There was no way I was going to be able to sit down and look at a list of 10 kids and pick ONLY two.  I knew that if it were left to me, I was going to want to pick all of them.

Both of the kids we ended up getting are 8 years old.  I had initially thought that I would want younger kids, since mine are so little.  After some thought I realized older kids would be more fun because you can write to them, and they will be old enough to understand and write back!  I am so looking forward to sending our kids their letters!
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Child-like Faith

I love my kids dearly, and I especially love the lessons that I am able to learn from them.

One of the things that I tend to struggle with is “Am I doing everything I should be in order to raise my kids to be the Godly people they are called to be?”  How am I supposed to teach my daughter to understand the concept of God and Jesus if I can’t even get her to understand not to touch the stove because it’s hot?

It’s always when I am least expecting it that she shows that I am doing exactly what I should be.  A couple of weeks ago we had a guest speaker at church that was praying over people after the service.  I had not heard the sermon since I happened to have the preschool class that Sunday.  At the time, Snow Angel had been covered in hives for over a week (and at the time we had no idea why).  Being the toddler that she is, standing in line and waiting for our turn was interesting.    While in line, when she would start getting restless, we would tell her “We are going to pray to Jesus to take your spots away.  Want to go talk to Jesus?” This was enough to get her to calm down for a few min at a time, and we would have to tell her again.  She seemed to understand the importance of talking to Jesus.

I love witnessing Snow Angel’s love for the Lord.  She loves to say grace and thank Jesus for our food.  She loves to worship through dance.  She is more in tune with the Holy Spirit than I ever could have imagined a toddler could be.

With Christmas around the corner, we have been telling her that the Christmas tree, decorations, and lights are for Jesus birthday.  The other night on our way home, we saw a house with Christmas lights on, and with the sound of wonder and awe in her voice she said “Lights for Jesus!”

I once asked some people at church how I was supposed to teach her about God at such a young age and was told to just do.  She sees the Glory of God in everything that Chris and I do and don’t do.  This person told us to worry less about “teaching” her, and just show her how to live it.

I see now that we are doing the right things.  She may not always be willing to sit and listen to me read her Bible stories, but for now, that is ok.  She sees, on a daily basis, what it looks like for her parents to walk side-by-side with Christ.  I don’t have to worry, because she shows us all the time that she does indeed get it.🙂


Happy Halloween!!

We aren’t taking the kids trick-or-treating tonight. I could sit here and make a bunch of excuses (we didn’t get costumes, its going to be too cold, everyone in the house is sick, Tiny Guy is too little, etc…), but the truth of the matter is I just don’t think it’s a day we should be celebrating.

I have sat here and thought about it quite a bit lately. Don’t get me wrong, we did attempt to take Snow Angel the Bumble Bee out last year (she was asleep before we made it to the first stop).  I have actually had quite the debate with myself over it.  “They are young enough they won’t know the roots of Halloween” ” Its a pagan holiday that we, as Christians, shouldn’t celebrate” The internal dialogue goes on.

In actuality, I am not singling out Halloween. I also feel this way about Santa and the Easter Bunny. I want my kids to know the TRUE meaning of these holidays. Santa wasn’t born to save us, Jesus was. The Easter Bunny didn’t die on the cross so that we may have everlasting life, Jesus did.

I can remember as a teen looking at my mom and saying, “The one thing you hope to teach your children is not to lie. Yet you find it prefectly acceptable to let your kids believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Faerie. Why?” The first thing most kids say when they find out the devastating truth that Santa isn’t real is “You lied to me.” And what are you supposed to say to that? I don’t want to intentionally mislead my kids, I want to raise them with a solid foundation in the Lord.

While I would never criticize another parent for celebrating Halloween, Santa, or the Easter Bunny, we will choose to celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
-Joshua 24:15

I pray everyone enjoys today and stays safe, no matter what their plans may be🙂

A little about us….and some food for thought

My name is Jennifer and I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful babies.  Chris and I got married in August of 2009.  December of 2010 we welcomed our precious baby girl, “Snow Angel”.  20 short months later, in August of 2012, her little brother “Tiny Guy” joined us.  My husband also has 3 boys from his previous marriage.

I love our little family.  It is so easy these days to take everything for granted, but I thank God daily for all that he has blessed me with.  That God chose Chris and I to raise up these two little treasures is truly a blessing.

As I was up for a mid-night feeding the other night, I sat thinking about all that God has given us, and everything came back to these two little babies.  As Christians, we are taught that all things belong to the Father and I know that goes for “our” children also.  These are not my kids, they are God’s kids.  Someday, I am going to have to stand before God and explain the choices that I made.  Are these decisions going to line up with what God wants for all of his children?  Am I treating my children any differently than how I would treat anyone else’s children?

I think God plans to use our kids to teach us a lot. I hope I am paying close enough attention to not miss it🙂